JDI White Triangles

We aren’t your typical architectural and engineering firm. And our clients are glad about that.

At our root is a steadfast commitment to providing clients with superior design and responsive service—on every project.

Our name, The JDI Group, relates to our just-do-it philosophy for satisfying customers. A proven track record in exceeding client expectations demonstrates that we are not your typical architectural and engineering firm.

How are we different? We listen to our clients’ wishes and needs before beginning our design work. Then, using three-dimensional modeling, we help them visualize our proposed solutions. And by encouraging—indeed, expecting—staff members to be proactive, we unleash our teams to deliver quality designs.

At JDI, we recognize that outstanding service is paramount to our success. Together, we foster a can-do attitude that permeates throughout our organization.

The JDI Group Lobby

We founded The JDI Group in 2002 because we believed there was a better way to operate an architecture and engineering design firm.

We thought it was more efficient to empower people to work to their abilities than to micromanage them. We imagined pulling together in an atmosphere that cultivates creativity, collaboration, and respect while meeting our clients’ needs. We wanted to perform our work in moral and ethical ways, following applicable rules and safety standards. And we understood the need to respect customer confidentiality.

Today, our mission is to turn our clients’ visions into working realities that address their wants and needs while exceeding their expectations.

Join our team.

The JDI Group is continuously searching for bright, talented professionals to join our team. We’ll challenge you intellectually with projects of various sizes and scopes, while providing a work environment that fosters teamwork.