BP Husky - Maintenance Shop Complex & Multipurpose Building

The Maintenance Shop Complex at BP combines the functions of the Heavy Equipment/Vehicle Repair Shop, Machine Shop, Boiler Shop, and Instrumentation and Electrical Shops into a new 90,000 SF blast-resistant facility.

The building design included two-story administrative offices for Maintenance and Reliability, TAR, and shop support.

As part of the programming phase for the maintenance portion of the project, we reviewed similar shops at two other refineries to maximize potential work efficiencies and workflow best practices at this site. JDI assessed and documented hundreds of pieces of existing machinery and equipment that were to be moved to the new facility to ensure that the workflow in the new shop met BP’s needs and provided all necessary utilities.

The JDI Group utilized a multi-disciplined team, with all designs completed in-house while collaborating with the owner’s staff. We provided pre-design services, including site analysis and selection assistance, existing shop assessments, workflow studies, programming, and conceptual and schematic design through construction documentation for the 90,000 SF new facility. In addition to blast-resistant design, the building meets the criteria for other refinery hazards and applicable refinery technical practices.

Our work also included a new 17,000 SF multi-purpose facility with a welcome center, cafeteria, locker rooms, and a fitness center currently under construction.

The cafeteria includes a kitchen with prep, cooking, ware washing, catering prep, dry storage, refrigerator, and freezer. The serving area consists of a grill, pizza/deli station, entree, salad bar, beverage bar, and portable fare.

The dining room seats 56 and includes a microwave and condiment station.


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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections

Indoor Agriculture Facility

Indoor Agriculture Facility