EV Charging Station

Many automakers are increasing production of electric vehicles (EVs) as EVs are expected to save drivers in fuel and maintenance costs and will also benefit the environment by reducing harmful air pollution from exhaust systems.

Most electric vehicles can travel between 100 miles and 300 miles on a single charge depending on the model. With the increase in number of electric vehicles, there is an increased need for electric vehicle charging stations. EV charging stations provide a plug-in connection to the electricity needed to recharge electric vehicles. EV charging stations can be found at residential locations, shopping centers, restaurants, offices, public parking garages, universities, car dealerships, etc.

The JDI Group can perform a load analysis of the electrical system to confirm it has the capacity to support the additional electric load and then design or modify the electrical distribution system, per the National Electrical Code as well as local codes and standards, to support EV charging stations.


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Indoor Agriculture Facility – Grand Rapids, MI

Indoor Agriculture Facility – Grand Rapids, MI

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Indoor Agriculture Facility – Adrian, MI